Later Life Lending 

Parity Trust offer a number of loans and mortgages which are available to those in later life. Our finance can be used whether you are looking to rightsize, repay your interest only mortgage, or if you need a little help with moving costs and fees if you are looking to downsize or move to a property which will suit your future needs. We have provided some examples of reasons that you may need to borrow from us here, but if you would like to speak to the lending team about your circumstances, get in touch via our website or by calling us on 023 9237 5921 .

Mortgage Extension (interest only mortgage solution)

– a solution for interest only mortgage holders where the term is coming to an end but there is no capital repayment vehicle in place. Our main aim to ensure that you can continue to live in your home. Depending on your income, we can look to help you reduce the amount of capital outstanding. You can find out more by viewing our Mortgage Extension factsheet 


– finance to help you move to a property to suit your needs, this may be a move to be closer to friends and family or amenities, to a more accessible property, or one that will support adaptations that you may require in the future. Monies can be used to meet a shortfall in the mortgage, or to help with moving costs.

Homeowner loans 

– our homeowner loans are secured loans which can be used for a number of purposes including home improvements and repairs. For more information visit our homeowner loan page.   

You can read about the process in our ‘What Happens Next‘ guide.   If you know the amount you would like to borrow, you can use our loan calculator to get an idea of the type of repayments you may need to make. Please note that for some of our loan types, we do not require a regular monthly payment (this will be determined by the financial review which takes place).