Homeowner Loans

Our homeowner loans are secured loans which can be used for a number of purposes including home improvements and repairs (like a new bathroom or kitchen, central heating or roof repairs). Loans can also be used to cover the cost of common parts works. We carry out a full financial review which ensures any loan offered is appropriate to your circumstances.

Who can apply?

We have no age restrictions and a number of years experience of later life lending so age is not a barrier to accessing our finance. We offer a range of secured loans which allow us to assist in most cases regardless of credit history. If you are concerned that you are on a limited income and may not be able to afford a loan, please get in touch as we have been able to assist people in receipt of income which includes State Pension.  Some of our loan products do not require regular monthly payments.

Loan examples

You can view examples below but you can also use our loan calculator  – add in the amount you wish to borrow plus a term, to get an indication of the monthly repayments and the total amount payable. You can read about the process in our ‘What happens next‘ guide.