Shared Ownership Mortgage completed!

We are pleased to have completed our first Shared Ownership Mortgage on a housing association property in London. The buyers moved in to the property in December and contacted us to say that they are settling in well. We have now assisted with the purchase of Shared Ownership properties with a housing association and two Community Land Trusts and hope to grow this product in the coming year. (published January 2019)  


Finance options for older homeowners

There has been a lot in the press over the last few months regarding large numbers of interest only mortgage holders whose terms are coming to an end but with no means to repay the capital. Parity has developed our Mortgage Extension product with the aim of helping people stay in their own home. You can read our press release here or find out more about our Mortgage Extension finance here. (published 10th August 2018)

      Parity Trust has moved!

Parity Trust has moved. Our address is: One Port Way, Port Solent, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO6 4TY.

SJ Hunt, Chief Executive of Parity Trust said: “One Port Way supports our requirements perfectly as we continue to meet the needs of those who benefit from an alternative, affordable and flexible finance option. This move complements our strategy as we look forward to supporting more homeowners and home buyers and develop our position of strength in today’s financial market.” (published 19th June 2018)

Parity Trust proud to be working with Fareham Borough Council to help homeowners

Parity Trust and Fareham Borough Council have entered in to a partnership to provide secured loans for homeowners wishing to carry out property repairs. Loans may also be available for those requiring a top-up to a Disabled Facilities Grant. Fareham is the latest council to work with Parity Trust, which has been delivering secured loans since 2006. If you are interested in talking to us about this scheme, please call 023 9237 5921.


The aim of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) proposed by the European Commission is to protect all EU citizens from privacy and data breaches in an increasingly data-driven world. New legislation puts more responsibility on to businesses in relation to the control of personal data and should allow people more control over their own personal data and their right to access and withdraw it. Getting it right is essential and can help strengthen customer confidence and so Parity Trust has been working to ensure our documents are clear and provide information on why we collect data, what we do with it. Anyone wishing to find out more can have a look at this EU site 

Action required on interest only mortgages 

A number of news sites and the FCA have published press releases relating to the number of interest only mortgages coming to term where the borrower has no means to repay the capital. An FCA article stated ‘Nearly one in five mortgage customers have an interest-only mortgage and the FCA is concerned that shortfalls in repayment plans could lead to people losing their homes.’ Parity Trust developed our Mortgage Extension for mortgage holders who find themselves in this situation and where their lender is unable to support a more flexible approach to resolution. (published 2nd February 2018)

Parity Trust CEO graduates from learning program for small business leaders

We are proud to announce that SJ Davis, Chief Executive Officer of Parity Trust has graduated from Goldman Sachs’ 10000 Small Business program.  Goldman Sachs created the program to help entrepreneurs and business owners support and develop their organisations by providing access to education and training services. (published 13.12.2017)  

Parity Trust partners with New Forest District Council

Parity Trust and New Forest District Council have entered in to a partnership to provide homeowners with finance for property repairs as well as top-ups to Disabled Facility Grants, which help towards the costs of making changes to the home enabling people to continue living in their own home. New Forest is the latest council to work with Parity Trust which has partnered local authorities to support homeowners since 2006. (published 12.12.2017)

Financial Conduct Authority paper on finances and the older population recently published

In September ’17 the Finance Conduct Authority published a paper outlining some of the issues surrounding older borrowers, including the need to bring about positive change in relation to accessing financial services. With over 10 years of lending to this client group, it is a subject we feel strongly about. Read the full document here.

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