Thoughts of… a blog by Derek

Derek is our Lending Officer based in East Sussex and he’s been with us since 2015. We offered him the opportunity to write some of his musings and he’s chosen to look back over the years…

2020 – how often do you hear people say it’s been a year like never before, but has it my friends, if you are 75+ you lived through a World War so perhaps we’ve been here before;

1940s World War, the War Years full of sorrow and then eventually hope,

1950s Baby Boomer years, Rock & Roll, Elvis, jobs plentiful, end to rationing,

1960s Civil Rights movement, emerging generation gap, the Swinging Sixties, The Beatles, Rolling Stones,  anti war, average weekly wage less than £10 per week, only 1 in 5 households had a telephone, First Class letter cost 5d in 1968, colour TV started in 1967, President Kennedy shot dead,

1970s Bell Bottoms, Discos, technological innovation and cultural change, The Beatles broke up, Apollo15 lands on the moon, Watergate, Margaret Thatcher first woman British Prime Minister, three day week,

1980s Computer technology and end of the Cold War, Rubik’s Cube, John Lennon shot dead, extreme fashions, big hair, Punk Rock, Apple MacBook.

 1990s Gulf War, World Wide Web, Hubble Space Telescope orbits the Earth, Nintendo, Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Nelson Mandela becomes South African President.

End of the 20th Century….

2000s Boot cut jeans, denim miniskirts, hairstyles, anything with a Bandana, the long predicted economic break through of China as the worlds dynamic power house, India the giant stirs, Dot Com bubble bursts, Stock Market crashes, 9/11 terrorist attacks, Hurricane Katrina hits Gulf Coast of USA, sub prime housing crisis & housing bubble, deepest economic downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s,

2010s Migrant crisis, 7 billion people on planet Earth, UK votes to leave the EU, iPad, IPHONES , Apps,  Airbnb, Uber, cultural shift with social media ruling many of our lives with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Mobilisation of minority groups, concern about the natural world, melting ice caps,

2020s Australian bush fires, and uncontrolled fires in Siberia, USA and South America.

Coronavirus hits  and words like; LOCKDOWN, SOCIAL DISTANCING, WORKING FROM HOME, FURLOUGH, SELF- ISOLATION are almost part of daily conversations.

I am sure many of you can come up with even more personal memories of these decades and perhaps we have been here before but because of global 24 hour news and social media, it’s not so easy to keep matters in perspective, but looking after family, friends and colleagues became more important than that holiday abroad – we can do that next year hopefully.

KEEP POSITIVE & STAY SAFE, it’ll soon be 2021 and the only way is UP.



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