The Shared Equity Homebuyer Loan is designed to assist buyers who are unable to raise the deposit required to purchase a suitable property.

The Shared Equity Homebuyer Loan can provide funding for up to 20% of a property’s value. In addition, clients will need to provide a deposit of 5% and arrange a mortgage with a suitable lender to cover the remaining balance. The amount owed back on the Shared Equity Loan is linked to the future value of the property.

This product can be provided in partnership with specific projects, usually in conjunction with; community land trusts, housing associations, local authorities or other specialist groups. We have previously assisted Chichester District Council to deliver their own Help to Buy scheme.

We do not currently have any active schemes but if your organisation would like to speak to use about delivering a product together, please contact us on 02392 375921 or by emailing us.

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