We understand that thinking about life changing circumstances like the death of a partner or being diagnosed with an illness can be extremely stressful and during these times there is much to consider, the least being your finances.customer-support

Commitment to customers

We have a number of principles in place which we adhere to in the interests of our clients:
Products: we make them clear and easy to understand (and will happily talk clients through the options available to them)
Communication: we are happy to liaise with clients via phone, email and at home visits (which may include involvement via the local council, a carer, home improvement agency or an occupational therapist)
Tailored approach: we will only offer a product which we think is suitable for your needs and circumstances
Judgement: some staff have the authority to offer flexible solutions should the need arise
Fair disclosure: we encourage our customers to be open and honest so that we can provide the right support – and information disclosed will only be used in their best interests
Tell once: with your permission, when you tell us something about your health or circumstances, we will keep a record on your file so that you do not have to repeat sensitive information to us every time you call
Carers and Third Parties: we will treat those who have authority to act on your behalf with respect and are happy to answer any questions that they may have.

Forward Planning:

Later Life Support – Power of Attorney
Being pro-active could help to reduce stress in the future. If we have any concern a client doesn’t have full mental capacity we would be unable to continue the process of providing a loan. A way to avoid this type of situation, would be to put a Power of Attorney in place whilst you have the capacity to do so and are able to communicate your own decisions. There are two types of Power of Attorney (one which allows you to give someone the authority to make decisions about your healthcare and personal welfare) and a Property and Financial Affairs Power of Attorney (which can be used when you no longer wish to make decisions regarding your property and finances or if you lose the capacity to make and uk-care-guide-poacommunicate your own decisions). You can find out more about Power of Attorneys that can be put in place in relation to your personal welfare and your property and financial affairs, please use these links to visit the Age UK, Trust Inheritance and Independent Age websites.

Alternatively, UK Care Guide have produced a short film which gives more information about Power of Attorney and what it means


Independent Living:

Advice and a number of services are available that help you remain living independently for as long as possible. Independent Age have published a booklet – extra help at home - which provides information about getting help with everyday tasks, moving around safely at home and help with personal care. There are a number of other factsheets and booklets available, to access these information guides, please use this advice guides link

For details of more agencies that you can get in touch with from debt advice to housing support, see our useful contacts page